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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 11, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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don't have much to show you very quiet conditions off to the north and north and west clear skies, west virginia and ohio should be a multisun phi day, just like yesterday, a few clouds moved through isolated chance for a late day shower, thunderstorm particularly north and west of the city generally dry hazy, hot and humid, get some relief later on tuesday that cold front towards chicago, that will bring us cooler air starting late tomorrow and wednesday lots of sunshine, hot, humid, late day storms, more details on the forecast, coming up in a couple minutes back to you. tucker thank you very much our top story, two hours from a scheduled press conference from president obama, the topic, the budget and the debt ceiling. >> address comes after a meet being both republican and democratic top congressional leaders at the white house last
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night. >> despite the meeting they did not make much progress more on the debt negotiations from stay see cohen live outside the white house. hi stay see. >> reporter: good morning just three weeks to go until the government reaches its debt limit and president obama is having a press conference to let people know where things stand. talks this weekend netted nothing but a stale mate the president knows time is of the essence. but getting it done is no easy task. both sides left last night's meeting accusing each other of failing to compromise. harry reed stated republicans are looking for an easy way out. the top reyou be publy can says democrats -- republican says democrats insist on a tax hike. >> everything they told me and the speaker to get a big package would require big tax
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increases in the middle of an economic crisis, it is a job killer, 9.2% unemployment. >> reporter: others believe they need to go beyond that and will be hard to get democrats to do so if republicans don't agree to raise revenue they need to find 2.3 thrill i don't know dollars in reductions to raise the debt ceiling enough to last through next year something the president is insisting upon. >> the longer we go into july the more risk in financial markets, concern america will not get it back together you will see that in higher interest rates, more loss of confidence. republicans are terribly afraid once we get closer to the announced deadline letters will go out to frighten the dickens out of social security recipients or others, and they are going to need to do something. >> reporter: certainly this is come down to a nail biter but
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congressional leaders and president obama are vowing to meet every day, until an agreement is reached. we will learn more in the upcoming news conference here at the white house 11:00 a.m., i am stacy cohen back to you. >> as she mentioned the president will deliver that address on the debt ceiling at 11:00 a.m. this morning we will carry it live here on fox 5 and stream it on we are following a developing story out of iraq, three rockets hit baghdad's green zone during a visit by the new u.s. defense secretary. no one was hurt. he is in baghdad to discuss the possibility of keeping some u.s. troops in iraq beyond this year 2011. he also made an unannounced trip to afghanistan over the weekened to assess the situation on the ground there and to meet with troops. white house chief of staff william daily confirms the u.s.
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is withholding $800 million worth of aid to pakistan's army, the u.s. wants more aggressive actions taken against the taliban and not happy about the country's decision to revoke visas for american military trainers this is according to reports by the new york times, he stopped by abcs this week to talk about the tricky relationship. obviously they have been an important alley in the fight on terrorism they have been victim of enormous amounts of terrorism but right now, they have taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to military, and we are trying to work through that. >> tensions between the two nations have been on the rise since u.s. navy seals killed osama bin laden during a raid on pakistani soil back in may. a third plane's pilot found himself flanked by f-15 fighter jets near camp david this weekend the plane was spotted in the air space 10:30 a.m. yesterday morning the pilot was forced to land at caroll county
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regional airport, saturday fighters intercepted two smaller planes at two different times in each case they landed without incident president obama spent part of the weekened at camp david. new this morning, montgomery county police are trying to piece together a deadly pedestrian accident in german town this happened on route 118 near aircraft drive around 1:00 a.m. it appears a man was trying the cross the road when hit in the southbound lanes the striking vehicle did remain on scene the victim was taken to local hospital where he later died. well, it has been months since the crime now this morning an arrest in the case of a murdered business man, richard nam was found unconscious inside his burning convenience store in april. prince georges county police plan to announce more details about the suspect and arrest at a news conference later this morning. another homicide investigation in that county police are looking for whoever
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shot and killed a 26-year-old early sunday morning. it happened on the 1900 block row shell avenue district heights, dwight hicks was pronounced dead at local hospital no word on a motive or suspect. another big story this morning, remembering betty ford the former first lady died friday she was 93. sarah similar monos is back in studio on how people are honouring her memory and thanking her for her candour. >> betty ford broke down the barriers of sensitive topics most notably drug and alcohol addiction also breast cancer. she did so thanks to her role as first lady a job that she actually never thought she would have. betty ford once said when her husband gerald ford first ran for congress she didn't think he would win she thought she would have a simple life married to a former college football star and lawyer in grand rapids michigan but he won a seat in the house rising
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to majority leader then vice president and president but it is what happened in her white house yearjust after that she will be remembered for addiction to painkilleralcohol lead mrs. ford to seek treatment after they left washington she later found the betty ford clinic which treated tens of thousands of people over the years, a cancer diagnosis in the white house lead to a mastectomy and she was very candid with the public encouraging women to be screened for the disease now over the weekend in grand rapids hundreds waited to sign a book of remembrance at the gerald r ford presidential museum they had a local tie to northern virginia, they lived in this house on crown view drive in alexandria more than 20 years while gerald ford was in congress through his vice presidency and in the early days of his presidency this morning the current homeowner invited our crew in to look at some of the things left behind by the fords, including old
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pictures and visitors passes to the hill, that homeowner says mrs. ford actually kept in touch with her. >> mrs. ford sent us an e-mail about six, nine months ago and she wanted to know how her camille yeah bushes were doing so even after all this time she was an avid gardener and still interested in how her camille yeah bushes were doing and how the garden is. >> very interesting. well, a private funeral for betty ford is planned tomorrow in palm desert california where the fords retired after public life among those offering yule joys, former first lady mrs. carter and cokie roberts. then is this will travel to grand raps for a burial -- rapids nor a burial alongside her husband. a major water main repair will cause traffic delays
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northwest, d dot is set to begin construction on the two phase repair project to rehabilitate a 48-inch water main canal road northwest and m street northwest the first face will take place mcarthur buzz voir dire to 35 -- boulevard 35th to m boulevard. a recent report by american customer satisfaction index group ranks pepco most hated company in america they have had a track record of persistent customer complaints and long power outages, companies were based on a 100 point scale taking into account customer expectations complaints, loyalty and other factors to determine overall satisfaction. high school students accused of the unthinkable why investigators believe they plotted to torture, kill and
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dismember another student. are you planning a move this summer, tips on getting the best deal for the best move from consumer check book next back in a moment don't go any where 
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as economic troubles continue to cripple the entire country it appears things are looking up for the housing market in dc region. a new study shows while home prices are going down nationwide they predict they will rise here 3% mainly inside the belt way homeowners could recoupe nearly a third of the value they t. >> i have lived here about four years and seen the good and the bad times and it is definitely i think a good time i have seen properties around last couple months where i have seen for sale signs and i have seen sold within a couple weeks >> i think we see a light at the end of the tunnel with the
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economy i don't know what that light is or what color but we see something and know it will get better. >> so what makes dc a sellers market? experts say due to fewer jobs lost because of the federal government but realtors say buyers report feeling better about spending again. >> summer a prime time for americans to pull up stakemove if you are one of the 30 million or so americans who may move this year, our next guest has advice on getting the best deal from a pro educational moving company and advice -- professional moving company and advice how to avoid some of the issues associated with moving, the president and ceo of check good to see you. it is always a pain to move never easy, and really, the prospects are rather daunting when you are looking for a moving company there are hundreds in this area how do you even start how do you narrow it down. >> there are a lot of moving companies some of them get very
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bad ratings, check, they are rated inferior by half their customers. >> mm-hmm. >> some are terrific there is a good choice what we try to do is survey thousands of customerdo a lot of price comparisons but whatever we do, you need to do it yourself. >> in terms of price. >> you need to get these different firms to come to your home meet them listen to them, but most of all, detail exactly what is going to be moved, do a detailed inventory of what is going to be moved and then get a fixed price, a binding contract or at least a binding cap, you know this is the most we will charge you maybe we will charge less if it takes less but otherwise you can't compare the price. >> you have jumped ahead here. >> oh. >> that 's okay what are some of the common complaints people have about these companies. >> well, one thing is they are either their house is damaged the old one or new one, their
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goods are damaged table legs broken those are bad things that happen or things don't show up which of course is even worse than damage. >> yeah. >> also, doesn't show up on time, the firm is difficult to deal with things like that. >> obviously there are some good companies out there but seems to be one of those -- in fact the industry is it regulated? >> the industry is regulated for interstate moves for sure but local moves there is not much regulation a little bit in virginia, not much elsewhere you have to choose the company carefully and find out how they have done with thousands of other customer which is is what we do with our surveys of our own subscribers,. >> right. >> one of the things that -- can people -- is going to the internet a good way to start. >> some little bit of starting of course if you go to the
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check book website a great way that will be available to people this afternoon but, you know apart from that, counting on something you see on the internet, or promotions, no, don't do that you have to have them come to your home talk to them get their advice and then get fixed price estimates we found dramatic differences in price from firm to firm where we got for instance one firm, one of the jobs we got maybe 30 different quotes, in the area, exact same job, some body moving from mccain to falls church, exact same home et cetera, prices ranging from less than $4,000 to more than $7,500 pretty dramatic difference in price no relationship as we so often find between quality and price. >> man that is dramatic. the -- there are a lot of things to consider one of the things you recommend is you
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want to be as detailed as you can be when it comes to itemizing what is being moved and all that kind of thing as well. >> you want a detailed inventory write that up yourself in advance, to help the moving company speed that process write it up give it to different moving companies have them look things over see if they want to move anything to it get that inventory attached to your estimate and your moving contract. >> really key to have them come out to your -- they shouldn't just give you an estimate over the phone, they need to come outlook at what you've got. >> they have to come then when the move starts, you need to be there, you need to see that they are getting everything they want, that you want taken et cetera and then when it is delivered, you need to be there and you need to check the items as they arrive if you see something broken, boxes damaged open them make sure nothing is broken inside if it is furniture broken write it down whatever is screwed up, make sure you documented it.
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>> a lot of work. check is where you can get this information a lot of very good information a lot of different companies out there and our fox 5 viewers are going to get a break, you have to subscribe normally to get all this information but for the next month starting later on today they will get a break and be able to access that information for a month. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> alison back to you. >> a busy day in space astronauts from atlantis have a lot of work to do inside the space shuttle is a 21-foot long canister full of food, clothes other supplies astronauts will use a robotic arm to lift the container out of atlantis' bay and attach it to the space station. a big chunk of space junk is headed towards the space station tomorrow and nasa is watching to see if it comes too close. >> call it a food extravaganza,
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holly found herself right in the middle of it holly i can think of worst places to be. >> reporter: yes, worse ways to start a week look at that concoction of water and fruit the key is the water itself, it is one of 180,000 products on display at the summer fancy food show where we are live, where the public is not allowed but we have a special invitation this morning coming up why this show is so important. >> thanks holly. first, i mean who knew we had like another career besides being a lover but here is the trivia question how was casa nova the great lover and adventurer earning his livelihood when he died a chef, taylor, librarian or a blacksmith the answer coming up but take a guess now on our facebook page keep it here we are coming back after the break 
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family of an iraq war veteran killed on a roller coaster in up state new york does not blame the amusement park sergeant james was ejected and fell from the coaster on friday, he had lost both legs from a roadside bomb attack one expert says he and the operator of the ride both made bad decisions, by allowing him to get onboard. sickening accusations against two florida high school students, investigators believe they plotted to torture, kill and dismember a freshman boy. sheriff's deputies believe the 16-year-old suspects hatched their plan while playing xbox games online. their alleged plot was foiled when another teen called police. the plan sounded a lot like an actual murder that happened recently, something that shook up friends of that victim seth
9:25 am
jackson. >> it hits home. hearing about these people, wanting to commit murder like it happened to a close friend. i was close to him. seth was over at my house every day. >> investigators say one of the two arrested teenagers had an axe, surgical cutting toolother instruments in his car. >> small plane crash in alabama killed all seven onboard the faa says the pilot of the cessna tried to land at an airport in alabama after it lost its right engine but crashed in a wooded area two miles from the airport, the victims are a mother, father and their five children it was heading from st. louis to florida. >> summer now just about that half way point plenty of time for summer fun coming up the frugal socialite will join us with nearby destinations your whole family can enjoy without breaking the bank. >> do you remember up in the
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air, george clooney wanted to earn 10 million frequent flyer miles, one man has done that. 
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a chicago man getting regular in addition for travelling 10 million-mile -- recognition travelling 10 million miles during 5700 flights, the miles came on a flight from los angeles into the windy city. >> united airlines honored the automotive sales consultant at the end of the flight they showed their appreciation he is the first united airlines customer to reach the 10 million mark he got his name put on the side of a plane >> coolest thing. >> he got an extra bag of peanutthey only charged him
9:30 am
half price. >> go crazy. that is the best part. >> 10 million miles that is a lot of time on an airplane. >> thing of all the -- >> i can't get my mind around all that travelling. >> that is a lot. >> what is the matter? >> nothing i know someone constantly on the road for his company he might come close to that some day he travels all the time all over the world. >> he will get his name on a jet. >> so cool. if you get your name on a jet, and then you are flying somewhere and it happens to be on that jet that should be free. >> oh, yeah. >> it is your jet. >> yeah. >> please. >> it should be. >> no brainer. all right. >> yeah, you know it is obvious. >> right. >> what are the chances you will be flying on your own plane but it should be free if it happens. >> i have my name on my car. >> you did? >> yeah. >> don't do that you will get a lot of unwanted attention. >> spray paint that is the problem. all right, the weather forecast, hey, if you are
9:31 am
headed to the airport, hot, might be cooler in the plane than it is going to be on your way there. >> good segue. i have been working on things this morning. our temperatures, 83 degrees, 81 baltimore, ocean city you are 82, this is another one of those mornings we just didn't cool off overnight started the temperature this morning our low overnight 76 degrees, 78 in haggerstown and fredericks burg we mix temperatures with humidity and get a real feel temperature for you right now the heat index is 86 in washington so feels 3 degrees warmer than actual air temperature 85 annapolis and 86 frederick our afternoon highs today will be mid-90s when you mix in humidity will push 100 around here. the heat will get dangerously close very close to the danger
9:32 am
category lots of water exercising bring the pets in later today as these conditions will -- dangerous for the next couple days, satellite radar, very quiet, a few clouds moving through, that is about it should be mostly sunny day. chance of a pop up shower or thunderstorm late this afternoon weak energy coming through but to be honest the best chance will be north and west of the city, this is a cold front that will cool us down as we get into the day on wednesday, by tomorrow afternoon should kick off showers and thunderer storms up ahead high pressure wind out of the south plenty hot and humid and then the cool down really starts as we get into tuesday and wednesday night by the end of the week mid-80s low humidity. lots of sunshine hot, humid, 94 your daytime high with humidity closer to 100. code orange today, winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour later tonight, warm and muggy could be isolated thunder
9:33 am
storm. 76 your overnight low. and your 5 day forecast hey how about 97 for actual air temperature tomorrow we might have heat advisories tomorrow afternoon could be thunderstorms late, wednesday too thursday and friday mid-80s sunshine and less humidity gets better and better from here that is a look at your weather forecast alison, over to you for more. let's get some more summer fun almost at the midway point of the unofficial summer season. that will motivate all of us to seize the day and grab summer time fun. lucinda anderson hughes is joining us with nearby destinations your entire family can enjoy without making too much of a dent in the old piggy bank nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> some of these i have already enjoyed i can't wait to hear your recommendations. >> why don't we start with busch gardens. >> okay. so busch gardens, lots of
9:34 am
people have been there, they are always adding new things, it is like visiting a lot of countries without getting on a plane. >> exactly. >> lots of authenticity. this is the most exciting thing for the economy with busch gardens they have a nice thing you know, a pass like many do, busch gardens and water country usa but the thing about this pass is that you can literally get it for $9 a month. >> oh, okay. >> how do we do this. >> go online to busch pay $9 to start your pass and print it out, go to busch gardens, exchange it at the kiosk you are in. >> wow. >> that is amazing. >> with the pass. >> wish i had known that a couple weeks ago >> absolutely you save a lot of money if you have large family, say four or five for $36 you are in the park enjoying you have free parking, discounts on food, lots of neat things that they send out on
9:35 am
twitter. >> yep. >> got to follow them on twitter they send coupons all kinds of things. >> okay we will do that. you have another theme park to talk about too. >> chocolate. >> let's talk about hershey park, the sweetest place on earth is what they call it let's say you have an extra day in the area or you want to go up to the hershey area but not going into the park, little known fact there is a chocolate world tour you actually go into the factory, put on your little bonnet apron, because it is a real manufacturing plant, you watch everything being made and then at the end you get free chocolate. >> love it. >> you also can make your own chocolate bar it is not free it is about $15, 12.95 for groups of 10 but go through and make your own bar decide whether it is wite chocolate or dark chocolate, put things in your bar you make your own wrapper and voila, at the end, great
9:36 am
souvenir. >> nice. a memory you are going to have for a long time. >> another thing we love water parks a couple great ones around here. >> the last time i was here i talked about virginia water park several of them but also, lots of people don't know about chesapeake beach. right down pennsylvania avenue turns into route 5 goes straight down towards the water chesapeake beach has a water park, every friday night they do fun slides, so it is a little bit of extra i think like $2 a family can go on the fun slides get all the entertainment until late. >> wow. >> chesapeake beach is a nice little get away nice thing to do, crabbing, a lot of boating, great water park. >> great day trip just did that one too. >> i am on your same wavelength. >> okay. >> shall we talk about myrtle beach. >> let's talk about myrtle beach i will put my beach hat on now we are going to the
9:37 am
beach. thank you. >> okay. >> myrtle beach i can't say enough. i went to myrtle beach in april and i went back to myrtle beach in june. love so many things. so we also have our medieval times hats, medieval times is in myrtle beach and out here arun dell mills great activity for the family where you can eat with your fingers and see a lot of sword fighting 67 miles of beach, now i want to tell you where the someday. >> okay. >> you should definitely stay at oceana resorts they have one of the top rated resorts on trip advisor, ander son resort and spa not mine but a great place to go and the thing about the resort is that when you go, every day of your stay, you get admission to water and wheels which is a go-kart water park and to the diamond back adventure camp absolutely free.
9:38 am
>> perfect. >> here is the kicker if moms and dads want a little 6 hour break from the kids, for $15, oceana resorts will transport the kids to the off site camps so you can play for 6 hours without the kids. >> water play just play on the beach whatever you want to do. more we didn't get to them so go to lucindas website and check out deals there. >> frugal great give away and a lot more information. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> doesn't she look pretty in her hat. >> yes, she does. >> the newest royal couple hits hollywood coming up a look at prince william and duchess of cambridge's visit to the u.s. >> an amazing game highlights from u.s. women's soccer game with brazil pgh >> first, here is another look at today's trivia question how was the great lover and adventurer casa nova earning his livelihood when he died a
9:39 am
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duke and duchess of cambridge capped off their visit with a 3 davie sit to california. later that night the couple were guest of honor at a star studded black tie event to promote british film making sunday they spent time at a nonprofit in los angeles notorious skid row area >> i really love art and i like the duke and duchess too. >> princess kate was really tall like elegant, like not like everyone else she was just
9:43 am
like one of a kind. >> she was special i think. at their last stop prince william called the most important one at all, a charity aimed at helping veterans find jobs it marked william's first visit to california and katherine's first trip to the united states. >> take a look, women's world cup quarter finals between the u.s. and brazil being called one of the best ever, u.s. tied it at 2, seconds left, into a cross into the box and header forced penalty kicks to decide the winner u.s. won the extra round 5-3 defeated brazil to advance to semi finals against france congratulations. >> the look of victory. doesn't matter how cute they are, there is a group of pets often overlooked because of their color. >> we are breaking down myths and showing you some pets could use a good home next. black cats need love too. we will tell you about that. you know we love food holly
9:44 am
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180,000 specialty foods part of the fancy food show going on at washington convention center. >> holly morris is there to check out some of the unique products, good morning. >> well, you would think this is unique how about a bagger tasting jelly belly -- booger tasting jelly belly. >> no thanks. >> earth worm, ear wax they are handing out these special harry potter jelly bellies the final movie comes out friday. we are going to talk more about this in a minute but i will try to put it off as long as i can and go to tastier treats i know
9:48 am
taste better than that. we will start with hint water. cara golden joins me along with her husband tell me about it. >> so hint water is unsweetened flavoured water without the calories or sweeteners most waters have. tastes very refreshing, without having -- >> how do you make it sweet? >> flavour in the water. >> it is a trade secret. >> exactly. >> what are you making for us here. >> making hint snow cones. >> oh, perfect on a day like today >> i know. >> there is one thing about you guys this is a second career for you. >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> so we both were in technology before, i started my career at aol and theo at netscape and just decided we really wanted to do something healthier for our own liveour family's lives.
9:49 am
>> in more ways than one. >> exactly. >> so you have grown to this -- you guys are available at starbucks? >> starbucks, whole foods, fresh market, harris theatre. >> for you to be part of a show like this is a big deal. >> big deal it has been -- we launched our product 6 years ago at this food show. >> ah here you are. snow cones those look fabulous. >> thank you. >> as do these concoctions over here i am heading over to mary lynn with mercers ice cream another great product you guys have interesting ice cream. >> we have the only product of its kind actually ice cream infused with wine, 5% alcohol content, so there is actually -- >> two of my favorite things. >> absolutely. >> wine and you is brought them together what are you making. >> wine ice cream martinis. >> my gosh as if it can't get
9:50 am
better. >> right. >> as you shall making this, -- as you are making this talk about how you came up th this idea and thought this is something that would work in the marketplace >> i didn't come up with the wine ice cream idea that came out of our mercers dairy, boonville new york what we came up with is the market -- give your clients another avenue to use this ice cream, peach white zinfandel they can serve as dessert but make drinks out of it. >> what is your goal, what will be a successful show for you go ahead and keep making it i don't want to hold you up. >> a successful goal is get our name outlet people know the product we have to try the wine ice cream we are starting to distribute it throughout the u.s. and we distribute it internationally. i will look forward to hearing that blender but first
9:51 am
over to rob vp of marketing for jelly belly i just want to know like who comes up with these >> i have to say i come up with some flavours but it is a group effort but there is a hazard for example earth worm is something that takes a little while to perfect after you eat several pounds it could be tough. >> you have to taste it. >> we do. >> how do you know it tastes like an earth worm >> you get a bucket of earth worms. >> stop it. >> we don't eat them but smell them you smell and taste and smell and taste. >> for those who thought the jelly belly job was sweet maybe not so you guys have done a theme thing the big movie is coming out. >> exactly. >> you could eat jelly bellies or create art with them. >> or do both. i would like to show you with the movie coming out july 15th there is the harry potter theme
9:52 am
art >> look at that. incredible how long does that take? >> takes about a month of solid work there is over 14,000 beans in this piece and it is really remarkable the further back you go, the more you really see the image. >> so honestly everybody knows jelly belly what is the importance of you being here not like you need to get your name out there. >> we want to stay out there and stay relevant. >> stay relevant and current like that. >> exactly. >> we are ending with a blender i love this show. our website we have a link to fancy food website going on next couple days not open to the public but check out the website and look for products to come in a store near you back to you in studio. >> holly i am not a wine drinker that is a great idea ice cream with wine. >> absolutely. >> here is to you. >> all right. >> they are going to sell that. >> that is a good one. >> did you know black catdogs are most often overlooked at
9:53 am
shelters because of their color it is called black dog and cat syndrome. >> they suffer from stigma many people associate them with bad luck i haven't heard that about dogs but certainly cats they need a loving home we are hepatology break that myth annie joins us in -- we are hoping to break that myth annie joins us in studio. >> yes, who wouldn't want to adopt piper here and cumin the cat. before we get to that interesting topic i want to introduce randy martin who is the events director for pet connect rescue and colleen volunteer and the lady with all the black cat stories right. good morning both of you. >> thank you. >> so, you know this is interesting i know cats were but i guess dogs too that you know it spilled over to the adoption world. >> there is a problem for shelterrescued adopting out black dogs and cats, black dog and cat syndrome cats are
9:54 am
obvious because of superstition but dogs people thing they are mean or old or they are going to be aggressive, 234 shelters when you walk past them -- in shelters when you walk past them both dogs and cats they are in dark cages, floors are grey floors are black they don't look good in shelters when they photograph on our website, pet connect or others they don't photograph well, so what we are asking people to do is stop and meet them come inside and meet them they are wonderful dogs and cats that are really the last to leave shelters if they leave at all. >> yeah, tell us about piper she has an interesting story >> piper we got from a north carolina, a shelter had picked up piper and four other siblings after someone had dumped them near an old drainpipe. >> we have a photo of little piper. >> they lived there a couple
9:55 am
days this is the photograph animal control down there took she was so scared, took them two hours to get them out of that drainpipe brought her to the shelter they contacted us we picked up piper and her four siblings they are on our website you can see them, and again, we've brought piper here because of her black color even though she has white paws and a white chest, people overlook black dogs. >> now this coming -- is it this coming july 15th you have an adoption event. >> cat adoption event i believe coming up this 15th, of july and what is cool you can meet cumin and play with him i don't know if you know but he can walk on a leash which is pretty -- >> i know we were playing outside. >> now the adoption event is 11- 2 at rock dale pike rockville maryland and before we go we have an update for everyone you may remember last time randy
9:56 am
was here she brought in puppy jake who could forget little puppy jake a living stuffed animal he has a new home now but randy just told me that they changed his name to. >> patrick. >> he was born on st. patricks day. >> and that is his brother also a rescue dog a black dog. >> good for her. >> back to you guys. >> oh, so great. >> thank you much. the answer to today's trivia question coming up after this a little french's brings a whole lot of happy. and now french's comes with 40% more happy in every bottle. french's. happy starts here.
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oh, yeah, i haven't heard this in a long time here is the answer to today's trivia question how was the great lover and adventure you are cast nova earning his -- casa nova earning his living he was a librarian for a count in bia


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